“Always I Win” Matilda


Title: “Always I Win” Matilda
Medium: acrylic paint on paper
Size: 330mm x 200mm
Description: preparation for painting the flowers and Matilda portraits on the ‘Love Raises Matilda’s Head’ canvas.


Sketching the Bird of Paradise flowers (from the Matilda collage made from photographs) I am identifying simple forms, paying attention to backgrounds, shadows, directional lines.


In this “Always I Win” Matilda painting I used bright pure intense colours for the flowers and vase, encouraging these forms to project out from the artwork.


The paints used for the flowers and vases were then mixed, creating soft, subtle, dark, murky and more dense colours for backgrounds and shadows.

I used a glazing technique (usually used with oil paints), a thin wash of paint over sections of the painting. This creates more depth with the colours. The acrylic paint I am using – Chroma A2 – has a high percentage of pigment, allowing the technique to be effective.

The translucent layers of thin washes combine visually making rich colours on the paper. The paper is around 300gsm, heavy enough to cope with multiple thin washes, absorbing water without buckling.


Next I will paint flower designs and portraits of Matilda my greyhound on a canvas, moving closer to finishing the ‘Love Raises Matilda’s Head’ artwork.


I have been splashing a canvas with paints leftover from these preparatory paintings. The splashes will become the background, helping link all these paintings as a themed group by having colours common to each artwork.


I am excited about starting the Galamaay and Bickie artwork series.


Yaaaay for dogs – they really are the best people 😉


Miles Davis – Backyard Ritual


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