Before ThiS


I viewed a film with artist Zhang Huan and listened to the discussion about his recent sculpture Sydney Buddha – built with incense ash! His thoughtful clear speech reminded me of (forgotten) interests in Buddhism and practices of meditation.

When making artworks having a clear concept of what I want to convey guides creative decisions. Meditation helps me slow down, stop and observe delicious details of my world. This feeds me ideas for artworks.

Buddhism is an oral (when you speak) or aural (when you listen) tradition. Boo Dah aims to remediate these ways of learning and sharing knowledge into an online form. Remediation at it’s simplest is representing one medium in another.

Boo Dah’s focus is Buddhist approaches towards making artworks. This website will present interviews with artists, links to online information, reviews of books, exhibitions, events and some of my artworks exploring and utilising Buddhist techniques.

Debate. create. collaborate.


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