what is buddha?


peaceful – not aggressive.

a lack of dogma – not bound by rules or laws.
not pointing a finger at others – buddha has no hierarchy of power and is a great teacher.

buddha means a person who is enlightened.

a lifestyle?
not static, expanding,

a philosophy?
sitting around discussing things – not sure of anything.

a practice?
not believing – try it yourself!
not imposing an opinion on others, talking about it to benefit us.
practicing for a long time and gaining benefit.

a religion?
for humans by humans.
homocentric – based on humans.
feeling, seeing, observing, investigating.

there are historical and mythical sides of famous people.


buddha is born as a human into a noble family – born to be a warrior.
the family wants to pass on the rule, providing buddha with luxuries and keeping away what is sad. as a young person who has the luxury of not having to worry about everyday things like food and money, buddha is always asking

why? do we fall sick, grow old, die? asking.

it is traditional for people to be

a child
gain an education.
a responsible adult, a family.
retire, go on a spiritual wander.
or, people leave family to become whole.

buddha wants to find answers to questions, meet good teachers.
meditate. but meditation does not last forever – fear, worry, hunger come back.
an ascetic – extremes – starving – fasting to find god – almost dying.

i might die and meet god however i will have no answers to my questions.

deciding – not too much luxury, not too much starvation.
gaining much experience from many teachers.

then, sitting for a while and learning how to let things go
noticing things coming and going.
mind becoming clear.
no greed. no hatred.

world is not a straight line.

sitting under a tree buddha is tempted by devils.
devils are rejected.

but devils never goes away – and appear again.

buddha rejects power, wealth and death.

and is able to see through things. seeing that everything is wonderful.
enjoying life. what buddha knows is simple.

then, teaching, realising other people like to learn.
teaching through behaviour. waiting for questions. people join in.
their needs are small – food, clothes.

a tradition is to feed holy people who wander.
disciples are easily supported.
disciples give spiritual support to people – people give food, a room, to disciples.

buddha continues answering questions and teaching.
teaching different people with different ways.

telling a story about a parent.

a child dies, distraught, and asking for help parent is directed to buddha.

buddha says, i will help you.

find some mustard from a house that has not experienced death.
distraught, looking for a while, then realising – there are no such houses.

buddha is successful not through fighting or war.

teaching – look inside yourself. living by example.

living as disciples do, maintaining integrity. which is why disciples follow.

buddha’s teachings are good in the beginning, good in the middle, good in the end.

sometimes we misinterpret teachings, use them to justify what we want.

when we understand, we can overcome obstacles.

we must be honest with ourselves.


written by michelle holland – based upon buddhist lectures.



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