Mindful Photography 3


It’s the middle of winter in New South Wales on the East coast of Australia. Many trees are bare with interesting barks. Continue reading Mindful Photography 3


Mindful Photography 2



I followed the same mindful photography walk strategies, with a focus on ‘intricate’ for this weeks WordPress photo challenge.

It is a cloudy day so the photographs have subtle colours.

These images are available for download with a Creative Commons licence from Shirley Burley’s Flickr page.

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Dharma Art

Dharma-art-book-coverDharma art refers to art from an artist with a meditative state of mind. Direct unselfconscious creative work.

A basic problem in art is splitting art from audience. In meditative art the artist embodies both – viewing is not separated from making. There is no fear of failing to achieve an aspiration. In a sense, an artist with the right state of mind, simply makes an artwork. Generally though, we need to study, develop and absorb knowledge and insight passed through tradition. Continue reading Dharma Art